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Q: Do you have any items in stock?
A: No, usually not. All items are handmade and custom-made after we received your order. However, sometimes, we have a few items on stock. If you are interested in items from stock, please contact us and we will check for you.

Q: Are alterations of costumes or other items in your shop possible?
A: As every costume, feather backpack, headdress and all other items in our shop are made-to-order, certainly alterations are possible. If you are interested in alterations please contact us.

Q: Do you also tailor special design costumes?
A: We are pleased to tailor costumes according to your personal specifications (drawings, images and descriptions). If you are interested in a special design please contact us.

Q: Do you also tailor costumes for kids?
A: As every costume is custom-made, certainly we also tailor our costumes for children. We offer a special discount for children with small measurements. The kids discount and for what measurement it is applied can be checked on the drop down box “Full Bust” on the product page of each costume.

Q: What are Two Tone Feathers?
A: Two tone feathers have two color tones. They not only have the respective dye color but also their natural dark tone (see feathers on our “Showgirl Dress – Ave de Vegas”). A variety of our feather dresses, feather backpacks and feather headdresses are decorated with two tone feathers. Please select the color of the two tone feathers on the image “Colors – Two Tone –Feathers” on our color page .

Q: What are single colored feathers (one tone feathers)?
A: Completely single colored feathers have only one color. One tone feathers are completely dyed in one single color and do not have their natural dark color anymore. A variety of our feather dresses, feather backpacks and feather headdresses are decorated with single colored feathers. Please select the color of the two tone feathers on the image “Colors –Feathers” on our color page .

Q: Why are feather dresses, feather backpacks and feather headdresses decorated with single colored feathers mostly significantly more expensive than the ones with two tone feathers?
A: They are mostly significantly more expensive because the dying process for the single colored feathers (one tone feathers) is much more time consuming and costly.


Q: I am not sure how to take my measurements. Do you have a guide?
A: Yes, please have a look at our Measuring-Page .

Q: Do you charge extra for large measurements?
A: All our costumes are handmade and custom made. The measurements of our costumers have not only a significant impact on our fabric and material costs, but also on the time needed to tailor a costume. For example tailoring a sequin dress for a rather slim dancer with a full bust circumference of 85 cm and height of 165 cm is by far less time-consuming and costly than tailoring it for a big drag queen with a full bust of 130 cm and a height of 190 cm. You need about 80-90% more time to sew the sequins on the fabric for the sequin dress with the large measurements than for the one with the smaller measurements. This is almost double the time and also almost double the fabric and material costs. Therefore we unfortunately have to charge extra for large measurements. The extra charges for the larger measurements do not match proportionally the real additional work and expenses we have for it, but are only a contribution towards our extra expenses, which we have to charge in order to stay profitable and to be able to continue tailoring our costumes for large measurements in future, too.

The extra charges for larger measurements are applied to circumference measurements (full bust, waist and hips) and length measurements (e.g. dress length, coat length, etc). The extra charges can be checked on the drop down boxes of the respective measurements on the product page of each costume.


Q: I do not have / not want to pay with paypal. What other options do I have?
A: You can wire the money to our Bank account. Right after the order we send you our Bank account information also for international customers. You can also send us cash money to our adress which is provided in the order confirmation or a cheque (in Euro please). Moreover, you can pay with credit cards and with skrill (moneybookers).

Q: Is it secure to pay with Paypal?
A: We have selected Paypal as our payment partner, because we have never had any problems with paypal and neither had our cutomers when processing a Paypal payment with us. Paypal grants a payment insurance - for further information please visit the Paypal website.

Q: Is there a discount available for large quantity orders?
A: It is difficult to grant a big discount for handmade and custom-made costumes. However, we offer a discount of 5% for orders of 6 and more pieces of one costume and free shipping within the EU. If you are interested in an order of 6 and more pieces, please contact us in order to talk about the details.

Handling & Shipping

Q: How long is the handling time?
A: After payment is completed your order will be processed in our production line. Please consider that our items are handmade to grant the best quality. The handling time depends on the order situation and on the complexity of the costume, backpack or headdress you ordered. Usually it takes on average approximately 3-4 weeks to process one order.

If you have a delivery deadline, please specify it in your order. For urgent deadlines we offer an Express-Handling-Service (see below).

Q: Do you also have an Express-Handling-Service?
A: Yes, for urgent and short notice orders we offer our Express-Handling-Service. Please have a look at our Order Handling & Shipping Page.

Q: What are the reasons for the express handling fee?
A: For express handling we have to charge a fee of 49,5 $ (45 €) because we grant your order priority which makes the handling of your order significantly more costly and time consuming as we have to monitor it more closely in order to ensure meeting the deadline. Moreover, we have to order material and fabrics, etc. from our suppliers by express handling and express shipping, too, which makes the processing of your order more expensive than normal, too.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: The shipping times of DHL depend on the destination country. Shipments to US and Canadian delivery addresses take approximately 5-6 working days. Shipments to countries within the EU take normally 2-5 working days to most countries. Shipments to other countries take mostly longer not only due to larger distances, but also due to potential delays because of customs. As the shipping is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee for any DHL delivery times.

Q: Do you offer express shipping?
A: For very urgent cases we recommend the DHL-Express-Service, which guarantees short shipping times of only 1-2 working days. If you are interested in this, please contact us before you order.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q: What are your international shipping costs?
A: Please have a look at our Order Handling & Shipping Page.

Q: I am an international customer and was charged additional customs and taxes upon delivery of my order. Why?
A: International orders may be subject to additional customs and taxes upon the delivery, imposed by the government in your country. ESTA DIVA is not responsible for and has no control over them.


Q: Do you have a Return or Exchange policy?
A: Please have a look at our Conditions of Use Page.

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